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Sartoris: an experiment regarding microkernel-based operating systems

Santiago Bazerque Nicolás de Galarreta  

Departamento de Computación,
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales,
Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Final exam, course ``Organización de Computadoras II''
Director: Patricia Borensztejn,

Abstract: Sartoris is a minimal, portable microkernel. It provides direct support for the creation and destruction of tasks and threads, and inter-task communication mechanisms (message queues and shared memory). However, it attempts to be as policy-neutral as possible, providing a high degree of freedom to the operating system designer. In this article we discuss design issues and implementation strategies for the x86 family of processors. Finally, we describe a small Sartoris-based operating system, that was created to test the microkernel.

Key words: microkernel, processor architecture, multi-server operating system.