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 Sartoris 1.0 18.9.05
Ok, this is just another case of rampant release number inflation, but we really felt this one should have the mytical one-point-zero attached. Man, it works like a charm. It was about time!
Posted by: Santiago   

 Asgard 18.9.05
Asgard is a new (well, mostly) server-based operating system based on Sartoris. It features paging support, demand loading of ELF binaries, a nice Unix-like filesystem, virtual consoles, and much, much, MUCH more.
Posted by: Santiago   

 Phantom 29.03.05
Well... it's been a time since I didn't write something here so lets write something nice. Phantom is up on cvs. Currently it's ment to be only a preview of what we are working on, but it has new stuff like an iolib, the ofs service and a few bugfixes on paging regarding smos have been applied to sartoris. Well, enjoy it....
Posted by: Nicolas   

 Sartoris project status 04.05.04
All right, we are back in business. As I've already said on a mail sent to the list, we're working again on this project. Paging system is being polished, a File system format and it's Service is being developed... not soon, but in about three months we might have a new "OS" release.
Posted by: Nicolas   

 Sartoris site brand new format! 04.05.04
Sartoris site has a new look, what do you think of it?
Posted by: Nicolas